Merger During Major Transformation

Client situation

International retail bank group in the middle of the major transformation accepted the opportunity to strengthen the market position by acquiring smaller retail bank. Expected to strengthen the position in the top 5 banks, while leveraging on the digital transformation with improved cost to income ratio.

Nosicky & Company supported the program in key Lending areas:

  • Overdrafts – end to end delivery from definition of business requirements to delivery;
  • Consumer loans – on the fly adjustments of the developed products to adjust for products of migration required nuances. End to end legal and technical delta analysis including the definition of product setup;
  • Mortgage loans – similarly to consumer loans, on the fly adjustments of the developed product to adjust for migration required nuances.


Think outside the box and create change momentum
Trigger innovative thinking via practical mix of industry advisory and change delivery techniques, to address the feasibility of ambition targets;

Access to critical internal SMEs
Leverage of internal SMEs and SMEs of acquired company insights for process analysis and product design;

Integrate all stakeholders
Manage individual agendas of large stakeholder group against project objectives;

Strict Business Case management
Drive project selection, prioritization, backlog based on transparent focus of the successful acquisition and migration over and above of other goals;


Independent advice and no conflict of interest in multivendor environment, solution and progression towards the bank’s targets;

Definition of MVP required for migration allowing timely migration;

Prioritization across other bank transformation efforts to clearly articulate the focus from top to bottom;

Mobilization of the internal and external teams assuring swift reactions to ever changing situations and building up the Plan-B.

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