Nosicky condemns racist violence

Inclusion and Diversity (ID)

Inclusion and Diversity (ID) at Nosicky & Company it’s not a talent program, it’s a way of life. Our commitment is rooted in our values, our strategies, and lived daily in our culture. We believe inclusion drives diversity, and diversity enables better outcomes for us and our clients. We also believe in creating a culture where all of our colleagues can bring their full, authentic selves to work and feel included and positioned for success.  

A culture where different people thrive. Together.

We focus on ID because it’s the right thing to do. We want our people to feel confident that they can succeed by being themselves. We believe all diversity – including diversity of background, experience, and thought – should be nourished and valued.

But we also know that diverse teams outperform homogeneous ones, and by fostering a culture where different people thrive together we can deliver greater impact for our clients. It takes will and commitment to build a truly inclusive culture. We value the unique contributions of our colleagues by:

  • Understanding who we are as individuals—our values, motivators, strengths—and what this means in our relationships
  • Learning about each other and forming meaningful and trusting relationships
  • Pushing past our comfort zones to seek perspectives that differ from our own
  • Sharing boundaries and limitations honestly
  • Providing honest and meaningful feedback
  • Participating actively in firm decision-making
  • Caring for, mentoring, developing and sponsoring, each other

Nosicky & Company is working hard to build an environment where everyone can thrive.

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